How do I use Detoxamin?

Use By Your Body Weight

‣ 750MG | 100 - 175lbs
‣ 1000MG | 175 lbs - 200 lbs
‣ 1500MG | 200 lbs - up

Detoxamin® EDTA suppositories are taken at night, right before a person retires for the evening. This allows less metabolic competition for the EDTA because the body is at rest while the EDTA works. Detoxamin EDTA suppositories chelation treatment introduce less EDTA than IV chelation, but they are administered frequently, providing better EDTA assimilation. (This can be compared to taking vitamins, where a person takes less but more often).

If soft, we suggest placing the Detoxamin suppository in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before use, to firm up the suppository before usage.  Use the restroom prior to using, and be  sure your hands are clean.

Recommended Usage:
Use one suppository every other night before bedtime. Use a good multiple vitamin and mineral product daily. Use for at least one month. Best success comes after 6 months of use. For ongoing maintenance, use one suppository per week on-going.

Side Effects:
Detoxamin is extremely safe and gentle. There are no major side effects or drug interactions. As you begin the chelation, you may feel more tired or fatigued for a few days. This should pass quickly.

Why use Detoxamin with Glutathione?

Both EDTA and Glutathione are poorly absorbed when taken orally. But now, with this powerful formula, you can get all the powerful benefits of both EDTA and Glutathione at the highest level. You see, bio-availability is the key to performance. 

Glutathione Benefits:

Antioxidant –the body’s master antioxidant, our bodies depend on it for the removal of toxins. Other antioxidants in our body depend on it to function properly.

Detoxification – detoxifies a large number of pollutants by binding to carcinogens, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and radiation by forming a soluble compound with the toxin that can then be excreted through the urine or bile.

Immune system – is at the heart of all immune function. Healthy growth and activity of immune cells depends on the availability of GSH. The protective activity of GSH is two-fold – it enhances the activity of immune cells and also functions as an antioxidant within them. Raising and maintaining your levels can help minimize the risk of diseases.

Increased Energy – Our energy levels are a result of many factors – everything from the biochemical reactions taking place within our cells, to muscle function and even your sense of well-being. Glutathione enables the mitochondria of a cell to remain fully charged, enhancing muscle strength and endurance. Clinical trials have shown that lowering Glutathione in the mitochondria results in cell death.

Repair – Our body is constantly under attack from free radicals, some from external sources and some generated in our own body. Free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule, “stealing” its electron. A molecule that loses an electron then becomes a free radical itself and attacks the next nearest stable molecule, this begins a chain reaction. Once the reaction is started it can cascade through hundreds of molecules. Glutathione performs a vital role in repairing the damaged DNA by replacing the missing electron. Normal to elevated Glutathione keeps the repair of our cells at a maximum and reduces the number of cell mutations that would occur otherwise.

How do I open Detoxamin?

Detoxamin suppositories remain solid below 76°F, so keep them in a cool place to prevent melting. If necessary, any broken or bubbled suppositories can be melted and reformed in the fridge.

If soft, we suggest placing the Detoxamin suppository in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before use, to firm up the suppository before usage.  Use the restroom prior to using, and be  sure your hands are clean.

To open the suppository, separate one shell from the rest, then gently peel the flat plastic tabs apart to reveal the suppository inside the shell.

How does EDTA chelation work?

Chelation comes from the Greek word "claw," meaning "to grab," which is exactly what EDTA does. When a molecule of EDTA travels through the bloodstream and gets near a toxic metal such as lead or mercury, it grabs the destructive particle and binds tightly with it, pulling it out of the membrane or body tissue it was embedded in.

Since EDTA is an artificial amino acid, and since the body regards it as a foreign substance, the body eliminates the entire particle-the heavy particle coated with EDTA.

The body can't tell that underneath the coating is some harmful material that it might be willing to keep even though it is harmful. Ultimately, both the EDTA and the toxic substance are delivered to the kidneys, which excrete them in the urine or stool. 

What toxic metals does Ca-EDTA remove?

The body has need for approximately 70 friendly trace element heavy metals, but there are another 12 poisonous heavy metals, such as Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Arsenic, Cadmium, Nickel, etc., that act as poisonous interference to the enzyme systems and metabolism of the body.

Metals that are ALWAYS toxic and should never be ingested include the following: mercury, antimony, arsenic, beryllium, bismuth, cadmium, copper, lead, nickel, platinum, thallium, tungsten, uranium, and aluminum

Ca-EDTA is more attracted to some elements than others. This is a list of what EDTA is attracted to, in order of highest attraction to lower. This list was comprised by research published by Saul Green and Wallace Sampson in 2002. From studies, we also know EDTA has an affinity for Arsenic and Uranium, though we do not know where they fall in the line of affinity.

Iron (Ferric)







Iron (Ferrous)






"The Ca-sodium form is able to bond (chelate) effectively because it does not lower the blood pH to a level that would prohibit the bonding action. The Ca added to the salt is important in this MOA (mode of administration) as it buffers the acidic quality of the active ingredient keeping the suppository from being abrasive to the mucous membrane of the rectum area. Ca-disodium EDTA has both a scientific justification for therapeutic effectiveness as well as a clinical history of effectiveness." Dr. Bruce Halstead MD, Scientific Advisor to Detoxamin

What are the differences?

The Highest Quality

Detoxamin's facility is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration and manufactures under the supervision of expert Ph.D.s in chemistry and nutrition. Additionally, our processes strictly follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). All of our ingredients are of the highest USP grade, with assays certifying potency and purity. Our state-of-the-art scientific quality-control testing laboratory ensures that you receive the highest quality products available. We would recommend being careful when choosing which chelation product or method to use. Detoxamin is a unique, patented and proprietary blend formulated for over ten years, and is the original trusted and credible brand. Millions of doses have been administered throughout the world with no reported adverse events. You can trust Detoxamin will be your best choice

Exact formulation methods required for EDTA permeability and absorption are critical for effective suppository chelation. Always ask for bio-availability studies that show how much of the active ingredient is REALLY absorbed-regardless of what anyone says, this should be a major factor in your decision.

Detoxamin is the only suppository with scientific proof of bioavailability and absorption superior to even that of IV chelation therapy..

How does Detoxamin® compare to IV chelation?

Intravenous chelation therapy administers EDTA directly into the bloodstream; therefore the EDTA is introduced very quickly into the body causing the body to get rid of the EDTA in 3 hours. The EDTA in Detoxamin (verified in laboratory studies) stays in the body at least 8 hours which allows for a gentler and more elegant chelation experience. By introducing the EDTA through the colon wall, it allows for a much slower moving EDTA and much longer lasting EDTA blood levels. 

Detoxamin has a higher EDTA soft tissue levels, it introduces less of an EDTA dosage but it is done more frequently, opposed to intravenous chelation which administers a higher dosage and much less often.

Intravenous chelation puts a higher strain on the liver and kidneys, where Detoxamin is gentler on the body. 

Because Detoxamin is taken at home while you sleep, it's more convenient and can be used more often. Finally, Detoxamin is only 20% of the cost of IV chelation therapy.

How does Detoxamin® compare to oral forms of EDTA chelation?

Detoxamin® is vastly superior to Oral Chelation pills or liquids.

Many oral chelation products make claims without any scientific evidence to support their claims. As with most oral tablets or capsules, it is well known and proven in research that only a small percentage of the oral EDTA is actually absorbed, about 5-7%. When taken orally there is far too much enzymatic competition for the EDTA absorption to occur therefore very little EDTA is absorbed.

Detoxamin bio-availability is verified in laboratory and clinical studies validation.

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