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Detoxamin is most medically similar to the traditional IV EDTA chelation method, but does not present the problems associated with IV EDTA delivery. The dosage of EDTA is smaller; therefore, it does not put so much strain on the body, especially the kidneys. It is recommended that you use Detoxamin three to four times per week.

Each Detoxamin suppository contains 750mg, 1000mg, or 1500mg of calcium disodium EDTA (about a quarter, or half of a regular IV dosage), which is slowly absorbed through the sigmoid colon (while you sleep), and gently works to remove heavy metals.

Each Detoxamin suppository has been proven in preclinical pharmacokinetic studies to deliver approximately 36 percent of what an IV dose offers. Compared to other rectal medicines, this delivery level is truly impressive.

Research shows that Detoxamin stays in the blood stream around eight hours. If a higher dose is desired, your patients might want to use the suppositories more frequently or use a higher-dose level.

The safety and efficacy of EDTA is unquestionable, backed by more than six decades of support by the FDA. Detoxamin has an impressive track record of proven success since the formula was developed in 1998. Scientific studies provide the hard evidence of Detoxamin's absorption, bio-availability and high tissue level concentration.

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