Detoxamin EDTA Suppositories 1500 mg, 30 Count. EDTA Suppository, Chelation Suppository, Chelation Suppositories, EDTA Chelation Suppositories, EDTA Chelation, EDTA Chelation Therapy, Heavy Metal Chelation, Chelation Treatment.


  • Each unit contains 30 individually sealed Detoxamin 1500mg Ca-EDTA Detoxamin Suppositories. This is recommended for people who weigh 200lbs and up. For more information click here. 
  • For biggest cost discount and savings, go with the 90ct package.
  • You’ll also, receive our free book DETOX OUTSIDE THE BOX, by Rita Ellithorpe MD with your order.
  • Detoxamin is more efficient, less invasive, safer, and 70% less expensive, but medically equal to IV chelation.
  • What was once a time- consuming, prescriptive treatment costing thousands of dollars is now available to you in the privacy of your own home.
  • Detoxamin chelation suppositories are the only product of it’s kind proven in published research.
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